XCALA Academy is the learning and knowledge division for entrepreneurship and investment, that seeks to promote the financing of early-stage companies by bringing tools, personal expertise and global trends to individuals and organizations at the entrepreneurial ecosystem. XCALA leverages its intervention with its own members and connections; entrepreneurs and investors with a teaching aptitude who want to share their knowledge with the community.

Some of the workshops that are held regularly are:

Angel Investor Bootcamp – Design primarily for investors where the main objective is to bring knowledge, tools and expertise about how to evaluate and follow up on startups. These workshops are also regularly attended by entrepreneurs and professionals from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Angel Investment Bootcamp – It´s a workshop design for entrepreneurs with the objective to train and provide mentorship so they are well prepared when they have the opportunity to present their business to investors.

Venture Academy – Webinars with the participation of key professionals who have expertise on different topics which are of great value for the entrepreneurial community.

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