XCALA Investment has the goal of bringing more and better opportunities to investors, design creative strategies to generate synergies and promote good investments and co-investments among the community.

Xcala is working on the following initiatives:

Virtual Investment Forums – A plataform for Xcala members where startups, referred by the angel networks and that are raising second rounds of investment, have the opportunity to present their idea to the entire community.

Xcala Emerging Fund – Xcala is beginning to structure together with the angel networks the first regional angel investment fund that aims to cover the financing gap between the first angel investment round and Series A. Some of the benefits of this fund involve: a) The best opportunities will be identified by the angel networks b) Angel investors who wish to invest in startups, but are looking for additional funds to complete the round, will have the opportunity to see Xcala Emerging Fund as a co-investment alternative c) The startups will benefit not only from the capital raise but also from the connections and local knowledge of the  angel networks and partners of the Xcala Emerging Fund. This represents an incremental value in “Smart Capital” that maximizes the chances of scaling up and success of the invested ventures.

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